Our Mission

RadioActive Brands started in 2018 by a group of female music lovers, ravers, and festival fanatics. Having our eyes opened to the amazing and life changing world of edm, dance, and festival cosplay, we decided to add our touch to the scene with our uniquely curated rave wear and LED items. After going through tons of overpriced and cheaply made items at pretty much every festival we attended (and trust me you don't want a mishap on the dance floor to kill your vibe) we knew we had to do something about this problem. So we got the crew together, learned some coding and engineering then tested our products ourself for a year! We strive to make our customers happy with our commitment to customer service and satisfaction guarantee. 

Join the Nuclear Family (our mailing list) and keep an eye out for us at festivals around the country. You never have to rave alone since you're part of the fam! We encourage you to message us, communicate your ideas and converse on our social channels. Any questions, feel free to contact us and one of our team members will personally help you out.